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Marine Corps Service Championships February 2012

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 02/15/2012

The air rifle team representing our JROTC just returned from Anniston, Alabama where the Marine Corps Service Championships were held. We finished 10th in the nation at sporter air rifle for JROTC teams! Congratulations to George, Kyle, Austin (Prospect) and Connor (Branham), who made up our awesome team. Take a look at my photos:

service championships


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Best of the West Winners – “TACT”

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 11/06/2011

Congratulations to our air rifle team “TACT”, George Redhead, Kyle Lissner, Sofie Tafolla, and Austin Rose, on their 1st place team award at the Best of the West air rifle competition in Lincoln, CA, November 5, 2011:

George aka Timber took 2nd place individual
Kyle aka Army took 4th place individual
Sofie aka Crack took 5th place individual
Austin aka Tiny scored close behind.

Thank you to Major Cross for his awesome coaching and driving the team all the way there (and back).

Click here if you want to know why: “TEAM TACT?”

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shooting team fundraiser October 2011

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 10/10/2011

Thank you to everyone who came to the fundraiser at 10th St on October 9th. Everyone went away happy after shooting for the first time in some cases! There were about 22 participants and lots of helpers, who also got a chance to shoot:

thanks to Mr Higby and Lisa for the ammunition donations

thanks to Mitch, Austin, Ed, Lisa, Major, Master Gunny and Gunny for “manning” the firing points and teaching the new shooters

thanks to Patty for all your donations and for greeting and signing up all the visitors

thanks to Austin’s family, Major, Lisa, Mitch for use of your pistols and rifle (Austin)

thanks to Than and the Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club for allowing us use of the range

I took some photos but, of course, I couldn’t put my camera in front of you so they are all side or back shots. Click here:  photos

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Posted by Sedated Clerk on 08/25/2011

PLEASE CLICK HERE: back to school and see if there is a way you could help out with Junior ROTC at Prospect this year.

PLEASE CLICK HERE: shooting team rules 2011-12  for details and requirements for being part of the shooting team this year. Important changes from last year. This flier applies to all 3 schools.

CHECK OUT ALL THE GREAT PHOTOS from last year’s JROTC over to the left under “photo archives”.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANYTHING POSTED HERE to share with other JROTC cadets and parents, please let us know: Patty Brooks


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shooting competitions – summary

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 05/15/2011

Our shooting team members have competed in a LOT of competitions this year! Congratulations on all your successes. The file below shows the scores, where each team and team member placed in the whole competition, and what awards were given:

JROTC air rifle competitions 2010/2011

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MCRD trip, Spring break 2011

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 04/06/2011

A couple of documents here which you have probably already received from your instructor, but just in case you’ve lost them….

parent letter

equipment list

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Silver Creek competition, Saturday March 26th

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 03/03/2011

Saturday April 9th

Silver Creek High School, East Side Union High School District, San Jose

All day JROTC drill, color guard and PT competition between schools.

Good luck to all our competitors!

Please send photos of this event to Sue Redhead, sue12385@gmail.com
to be posted on this blog.

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Del Mar cadets only!

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 03/01/2011

Saturday March 12th, 6am-10pm

Del Mar Band Competition

cadets needed for:

escorting visitors
general help for the competition

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Inter-school YPFT competition

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 03/01/2011

Youth physical fitness teams from Del Mar, Prospect and Branham JROTC

will compete on

Tuesday March 8th after school at Del Mar.

NEW: photos from drill and color guard competitions: pics

Come and support your team!

Thanks to William Rodriguez for alerting me to this event.

If you know of an event for cadets that you would like posted here please email me: Sue Redhead, sue12385@gmail.com

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Marine Corps postal air rifle match

Posted by Sedated Clerk on 11/06/2010

Scores now posted on CMP website: 954 competitors over the whole country!

Our top shooter, River Garza, finished 25th out of 954!


Our team finished 8th out of 95 teams! CONGRATULATIONS!

Here is the link to the scores on the CMP website: sporter air results

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